Special Ed Teacher Man by Bob Anterhaus

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Special Ed Teacher Man tells the story of Bob Anterhaus' 20 years career as a Special Education teacher in Dallas, Texas. He began teaching when Mobil Oil downsized, he was 48.
As a young person, teaching was one of the last careers he would have chosen. However, the successes and failures in his life developed first rate tools, which allowed him to become a special education teacher who helped many students and their families.

Throughout the book the reader is informed about events that occured during his life, because those events led to his career as an educator. These events include his military service in Texas, California, and Vietnam.

This book will reveal that the present public education system is not working because of politics, budget shortfalls, required excessive testing, and all the needless overkill state and federal laws. The excessive documentation and reports teachers must comply with take valuable teaching time away from students. The many examples and true stories in this book provide supportive evidence.

At the same time Bob has included some heartwarming stories because students are the stars of the book, and Bob Anterhaus loves students. These stories alllude to the inspiring, ridiculous, humorous, tragic, common, and inbelievable things and events that actually happened during his career.

This book will appeal and be of interest to a wide audience. First, Bob points out numerous improvements in education that need to be made in our present public educational system. Secondly, educators and their students throughout the world share many common bonds, so this book will be of help and be of interest to the average reader because most will have someone in their family or know someone who is disabled or involved in special education.

Bob's amazing teaching career is over, but he just can't quit being an educator, so he wrote Special Ed Teacher Man for us all.